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Zainab Sheriff: Biting The Hands That Feed You

I am using my platform to address the write up from Zainab Sheriff, making the rounds of social media. I will respond as I see fit.

Yes Zainab,Sierra Leoneans were aware of Big Sister Salone. Many were glued to their TV sets and thousands spent hard earned cash voting for their favorite housemate. Not only Sierra Leoneans but people from different parts of the world. In the end China Nicky won.

But let’s get down to business, Zainab. You stated in your write up that Big Sister was your baby and that the idea came from you. Ma’am, I beg to differ. The initial idea came from Alex Nallo, not from you. You did not bring Big Sister Salone to AYV Media Empire. You brought an idea to produce a program called Bondo Bush. You were asked what it would be like. All you said was that the ladies would be filmed in the house going about their various activities. The idea you floated had no concept. It was left to the collective efforts of AYV management team to come up with a concept. Thus Big Sister Salone was born. A far cry from what you brought to the table.

Let’s talk of financing the project. Can you tell us the public how much you put into the project? We are curious to know. During the Big Sister project your behavior was nothing to write home about. It is an open secret that you were rude to management on several occasions. On one occasion you actually slapped a management staff. Is that how a lady behaves? No ma’am. You traveled out of the country for two whole weeks during the project. You never bothered to put things in place for the project to continue. Yet everything went on perfectly well. The machinery was well oiled by the AYV Media Empire. The very institution you are now castigating. How sad!!!

Lest I forget, dear. Let us come to the issue of the car and the ten million leones. I mean the prize meant for the winner of the contest. Less than a week to to the end of the project you were approached on that. Did you give a cent towards that? No!!!! It was left to the CEO of AYV media empire to provide both the car and the vehicle. Had it been left to you, I wonder how the contest would have ended. Big Sister Salone would have ended disgracefully. Sierra Leoneans would have been left with eggs on their faces.

Would you care to tell the public how much you received from AYV at the end of the program? They would like to know. If you don’t, I will inform the public in my next edition.

Were you not invited to
come onboard for Big Brother Housemates? Would you like to tell us your response and the the ridiculous demands you made? I am sure you won’t.

Let me give you a piece of advice, Sister. It pays to be grateful to those who have your back. Without the CEO of AYV media empire, the idea of Bondo Bush would have remained just that: an idea. Big Sister Salone came into being because the management of AYV media empire decided to put their ideas and resources together. Don’t forget that all the meetings you had in connection with the project at AYV were recorded. I am sure you wouldn’t want copies of those recordings to be made public. It would hurt your reputation badly. Don’t play the martyr or allow someone to use you to score points. In our local parlance ” nor make porsin take u han pull banga na fire”.

I will stop here for now. I advise you to ponder on this. Do have a great day.

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