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Young Man Shot Dead As Kambia Bye-Election Ends In Violence

A young man has died in a shocking orgy of political violence in a northern town of Sierra Leone where by-election was being held yesterday, in Ward 196 constituency of Kambia District in the  Tonko Limba Chiefdom.

According to conflicting and unconfirmed reports, the young man is alleged to have been shot by security forces after fighting broke out between supporters of both the ruling SLPP and main opposition APC parties.

Six months after general and presidential elections were held in Sierra Leone, the country is yet to return to normalcy which should allow the newly elected government to get on with the business of governing the country.

The by-election which took place yesterday, Saturday 29th September 2018, was called by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), after the death of a sitting local councillor representing the opposition APC.

The violence which marred yesterday’s polling – prompting the NEC to cancel the election, has exacerbated the political row between the ruling SLPP and the opposition APC, with the later accusing the SLPP of murder.

The police are yet to make a statement on yesterday’s violence and the death of the young man.

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