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Why Victor Foh Sold APC Office To SLPP – J. S Keifala Makes Explanation

The former Mayor of Kenema City, Joseph Samba Keifala has lifted the lid on the private transaction between him and the former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Victor Bockarie Foh relating to the sale of the latter’s premises in Kenema which was hitherto used as the district and regional offices of the main opposition APC.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Global Times at his Blama Road residence in Kenema over the weekend, Mr. Keifala said in November 2017, the former Vice President gave an official notice to the then ruling APC party that his two properties in Kenema and Bo which were being used as APC offices since 1995 will be put on sale. He explained however that VP Foh said that the APC party was to have the first option if the party was prepared to buy.

The former Mayor dilated further that when the APC failed to buy the said properties, particularly, the one in Kenema, the former Vice President who was still in office at the time contacted potential buyers including him.

“I immediately expressed interest in the property in Kenema and we both agreed on a payment plan”, Mr. Keifala said, adding that the former Vice President afterwards told the APC party to give up possession of the same property in Kenema since they were not interested in buying it.

Mr. Keifala said that based on the agreement between the APC and Mr. Foh, the party was to have given up possession of the said property on April 30, 2018, but the move was delayed for over three months because of the APC’s reluctance to quit as agreed.

The former Mayor said what happened between him and VP Foh is as private as it is normal, devoid of politics . He said once the property became his, he was at liberty to decide how to use it.

“I could have decided to live there, but I thought of my party because the SLPP also hasn’t got an office of its own in Kenema. If that is a crime, so be it”


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