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Sierra Leone Government Vehicle Discovered Where It was Hidden In A Bush


on the 15th October 2018 at 1100 hrs, ECAFU currently deployed at Gbalamuya customs was reliably informed that a white and un registered Toyota Prado suspected to be government vehicle was hidden in a nearby bush around Formeh village in upper Brimaya chiefdom approximately 10 miles away from Kukuna village in Kambia District.

At 1252 hrs same day, the informant whose name cannot be disclosed teamed up with ECAFU at Gbalamuya customs on board three hired motorbikes in order to ascertain the situation in that area.

Upon arrival at the village, Pa Abu Formeh the village chief was informed and a thorough search and scanning was carried out by ECAFU. During which, the vehicle was spotted covering with dried shrubs.

Intelligence also confirmed that the vehicle was taken to the said village by former APC party stalwart after the pronouncement of the election results in April 2018. After which, the vehicle have been covertly put on market to be sold to Guineans when ECAFU informant came to know about the deal. He pretended to be interested in the negotiation and requested a purchase of the vehicle.

Since the informant is a car dealer, the photo and location of the vehicle was disclosed to him. He later informed ECAFU about the said vehicle to be arrested.

The vehicle was later arrested and brought to Kambia town and further conveyed to State House by ECAFU for the attention of the authorities. Please take note.

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