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Pregnant Woman Kills 78-Year-Old Man In Freetown, Sent To Jail

One pregnant woman, Kadiatu Mansaray has been whisked off to the Female Correctional Centre at Jomo Kenyatta Road on the order of Santigie Bangura adjudicating over the Freetown Magistrate Court No.1 at Siaka Steven Street. She allegedly killed one seventy eight years old man, Alpha Kamara.

The accused person is charged with the offence of Murder, contrary to the Offences against the Persons Act of 1816 in which the state alleged that the accused person, Kadiatu Mansaray murdered Alpha Kamara on Sunday 15th July, 2018 at Pipe Line Road, Moyiba off Mount Aureol in the Freetown Judicial District of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Testifying in the court, the deceased brother-in-law, Alie Ganda intimated that he recognized the accused person as his former land lady at No. 10 Pipe Line Road, Moyiba and that he also knew the deceased, Alpha Kamara.

He explained that he remembered the incident of Sunday 15th July, 2018 and that on this day, one of the accused person’s tenant summoned his (Alie Ganda’s) wife to the Chief, Abu Black Kamara in the Moyiba locality.

Ganda went on to tell the court based upon this, together with the deceased, his wife and himself they went to the Chief to enquire what the problem was and that upon their arrival, Chief Abu Black Kamara informed them that there is no summon to his knowledge against his (Ganda’s) wife.

Alie Ganda further informed the court that, they were on their way home, when the accused person Kadiatu Mansaray attacked by raining invectives on them.

The witness intimated the court that an argument later ensued between the deceased and the accused person. The witnesses added that while the deceased was on his way, the accused person, Kadiatu Mansaray hit the deceased on his forehead with a granite stone.

As a result, Alpha Kamara fell on the ground and blood started gushing from his forehead, the witness testified, adding that they then took the deceased to the Akon Police Station, where police medical request form was issued to the deceased for examination and treatment.

The witness informed his audience that they rushed with the deceased to the Macauley Street Hospital, but that nurses advised them to transfer him to the Connaught Hospital due to the seriousness of the deep cuts the deceased had sustained on his forehead.

According to Alie Ganda, the following morning, the deceased went into a coma at his residence and was later declared dead.

Police officers attached to the Akon Police Station obtained statements from the deceased, Alie Ganda and his wife and from other witnesses, the witness informed the court.

The matter was prosecuted by ASP Ibrahim Sheik Mansaray while the accused person was defended by Lawyer L.L Tarawalie. The matter comes up again Thursday 23rd August, 2018.

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