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Opposition Accuses President Bio Of Molesting His Vice President Juldeh Jalloh – READ DETAILS

Strongman of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party, Mr. Tenmoidoh Aiah Barbah, who was also the former Special Assistant to the former Vice-President Alhaji Chief Sam-Sumana, has condemned H.E. President Julius Maada Bio for what Barba believes is “molesting Vice-President Honourable Dr. Juldeh Jalloh through a refusal to copy VP Jalloh in appointment letters issued from President Bio’s Office which letters are then circulated all over social media with absence of VP’s name from amongst those copied”.

According to Barba, “This is humiliating the VP globally and it must stop”.

Mr. Barbah who goes by the popular nickname of TAB, recalls that he served in the Office of the Vice-President throughout the seven years that the former VP, Alhaji Sam-Sumana served under former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

“I can tell you that for those seven years under the former All Peoples Congress government of President Koroma, there was never any letter which originated from State House appointing someone to any office in Sierra Leone that did not get copied to VP Chief Sam-Sumana. President Koroma always gave that respect to his Vice-President,” TA Barba recalled.

According to Mr. Barba of the C4C party, he thought the first few letters which omitted the Vice-President’s name from the list of those copied, could have been a mistake.

However, he said it has continued relentlessly now and according to him, “all the several dozens of appointment letters which I have seen shared globally on social media have been copied to the Chief Minister as the first person on the list of copied recipient but with not a single copy extended to the Vice-President”.

“The Vice-President needs to be respected and copied in because when the President travels out of the country or is unwell, it is the Vice-President who acts as President and he needs to have been copied into all letters of appointments so he knows who has been appointed into which office and he can then effectively administer the country in the absence of Maada Bio,” TAB dilated further.

The C4C Strongman said he decided to break his silence on the matter now because he saw yet another letter dated yesterday October 10th 2018, appointing a new Director General of Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) without the Vice President being copied.

“What disturbs me so much is the fact that the man who is now Secretary to the President, Dr. Julius Sandy, used to be the Secretary to the Vice President under both Sam-Sumana and Victor Foh so he is not inexperienced. He is a senior and well experienced civil servant so why is he not copying the Honourable Vice-President into those letters of appointments but is merely copying Chief Minister as if it is the Chief Minister who is the number two man in Sierra Leone?” TAB pondered.

Several attempts by this newspaper to reach State House for their comments on why the Honourable Vice-President is not extended a courtesy copy of Letters of Appointments, were futile. As usual now in Sierra Leone, the Presidential Spokesman did not pick his calls and the Secretary to the President was himself unreachable.

The Awareness Times Newspaper however stands firmly ready to give them as much space as possible for them to explain why the Office of the President is not extending courtesy copies of important letters to the Vice-President.

In this edition we have produced the most recent letter of appointment from the Office of the President which is what sparked the C4C strongman to speak out and condemn what he perceives to be a molestation of the sitting Vice-President.

The C4C to which TAB Barba belongs is third largest party in Parliament and its National Leader is the former Vice President, Alhaji Chief Sam-Sumana.


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