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Multi-Million Leones Studio Equipment Arrive For Big Sister Salone Reality TV Show

The Technical Director of Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire Technical Department, Bangladeshi national, Habibul Munzir recently jetted-into Freetown with state-of-the-art television studio equipment specifically for the upcoming Big Sister Sierra Leone reality TV show.

As he did for the 2018 Election coverage by purchasing state-of-the-art studio equipment in London, Mr. Munzir left for London a few weeks ago where he shopped for state-of-the-art studio equipment that would be used in Sierra Leone’s first-ever TV reality show dubbed Big Sister Salone with the theme: The Ella Koblo Gulama Drama.

As usual, CEO and President of AYV Empire Anthony Navo Jr. and management is ensuring that like the election coverage which was universally commended and which put Sierra Leone on the map of high-tech television broadcasting, is ensuring that the first-ever TV reality show in Sierra Leone is not only successful but a masterpiece using advanced studio technology and equipment.

Meanwhile, the number of participants in Big Sister was recently upped to twelve from its original ten in order to make the show more inclusive and more competitive.

AYV management as always is doing its utmost to ensure that it presents only the best for the people of Sierra Leone who have quite easily dubbed AYV to be the leader in television broadcasting as they say: AYV, na ihn Salone sabi.

AYV is partnering with Zedzee and Africell to bring Big Sister to the general public and the wider world beginning September 15 this year. Already, the house where the twelve ladies would stay for thirty days is almost with every imaginable necessity according to the organizers.

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