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Kamarainba Rubbishes Maada Bio, Says President Has Failed In Just Six Months

The Leader and Chairman of the opposition Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has described President Julius Maada Bio’s six (6) months in governance as a complete failure compounded with severe economic hardship.

He made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with Awareness Times Newspaper on Tuesday 16th October 2018.

According to Kamarainba, President Julius Maada Bio made bogus promises during the just concluded presidential election to cut down on government’s expenditure and control the economy of the country.

Mr. Mansaray says that the ADP party is disappointed with the way and manner President Bio is ruining the economy of the country. He continued that the ADP party has noted with keen attention some of the wastages in President Bio led government.

He went on to say that President Bio has made some unwarranted appointments of Ministers and Foreign Diplomats that are gradually becoming a financial burden to the country.

“President Bio has more Ministers and Foreign Diplomats than the previous government and these officials are paid millions of leones whilst the ordinary man is dying and languishing in starvation and hardship,” said Kamarainba. Mr. Kamarainba Mansaray maintained that President Bio promised to run an inclusive government but Sierra Leone is now more divided in tribal lines than ever before.

On the fight against corruption, Mr. Mansaray said that President Bio is not serious in the fight against corruption in the country. He went on to say that if Bio meant what he said in curbing corruption, he should have been the first to declare his assets publicly than declaring it in private.

Mr. Kamarainba said the Commission of Inquiry is just a plot by President Bio to fight political opponents. According to him, if President Bio is determined and sincere with his words, the Commission of Inquiry should have started from 1996 and not just 2007. Kamarainba therefore has called on President Julius Maada Bio to desist from fighting officials of the previous government and focus on building the economy of the country and stop spreading division amongst peaceful Sierra Leoneans.

In response the National Coordinator of the Government Strategic Communication Unit, Mr. Abubakarr Joe Sesay has stated that President Bio is on the right footing to transform the economy of the country.

He assured that very soon Sierra Leoneans will start benefitting from the prudent leadership style of President Bio in cutting down on leakages in the country. He added that Kamarainba knows nothing on how to run a successful government. He added that President Bio is on the right trajectory in addressing the leakages in government expenditure. He said that one way in cutting down on government leakages is by reducing the number of officials on oversea trips. Joe Sesay emphasized that the President always travelled with a small delegation to save cost.

Mr. Sesay said the separation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to two by President Bio is timely and necessary. Joe Sesay brags that the new foreign missions that where created will help to bring more investors into the country.

On the fight against corruption, Mr. Sesay described Mr. Kamarainba as a joker, noting that there are laws in the country that dictate how assets are declared. He said that President Bio has accomplished that within the stipulated time limit.

Mr. Joe Sesay described Mr. Mansaray’s assets declaration at SLAJ office as just a political camouflage, adding that, it’s the more reason the people of Sierra Leone rejected him during the 2018 multitier elections.


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