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Female Farmers In Sierra Leone: A Call For Help

Agriculture, which many say is one of the most lucrative self engagements in the world, in Sierra Leone studies have shown that it is an engagement for the poor and marginalized.

Kambia district, in the Northwestern part of Sierra Leone is according to research one of the bread basket in Sierra Leone following the huge agricultural potential, but yet one of the districts with the highest number of farmers that are finding it almost impossible to provide themselves a basic meal a day neither they can afford to send their kids to school.

In recent times, as recently as after the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, several organizations that supported the Ebola fight resulted in sustainable livelihood projects helping rural women to be self sufficient. Amidst these humanitarian organizations in the district was KADDRO, ABC-DEVLOPMENT, CAWeC among others and they introduced to farmer groups what they called Village Loan and Savings Association, provided cash crop inputs for the women farmers like cassava cuttings and vegetable seeds which the farmers say have improved their lives.

Yanor Kargbo – of Mademu village in Tonko Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District is a farmer and she thanked ABC-DEVLOPMENT and KADDRO for helping them out of poverty as they can now pay school fees for their kids, take care of their health, provide themselves bow with seeds among others following the training and other support provided them by the aforementioned organizations through the introduction of new farming skills, provision of farming inputs, the creation of VSLAs in their various communities.

Chief Ya. Alimamy Kamara of Sella Kafta told AYV News that she is now proud to say she can identify and recite the alphabet, sign and write her name because ABC-Development and KADDRO provided their communities with adult literacy centers with dedicated tutors.

Melvin Mattia is the Project Officer for KADDRO and he called on the government and the Ministry of Agriculture to provide the 35 registered women farmer groups from 32 communities and 5 chiefdoms in Kambia district with adequate agricultural supports to sustain their livelihood development skill to enhance food security and social cohesion in rural communities

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