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Cannibalism In Kono As 19-Year-Old Disappears Mysteriously, Another Man Murdered Gruesomely

An allege cannibalism attack in Kono district, has been given many people sleepless nights as there seems to be no end in sight to the mysterious deaths without any trace, removal of genital organs etc in some Chiefdoms in Kono district.

The outskirts of Kono are becoming a no go area at night as a famous Baboon/Chimpanzee is believed to be attacking and killing people and removing sensitive organs while authorities like the chiefdom Speaker of Nimikoro Chiefdom, Abdulai Kumasi and others are paying lip service to the issue and strictly warning against the report of such issues by anyone.

Recently, a man was murdered and some of his body parts were removed in Gbukuya Village which led to a riot against the Speaker and his vehicle was damaged.

In response, the Speaker was reported to have remarked that even the tyre of his vehicle is worth more than the life of those people.

On Monday the 17th September, the Magistrate Court in Kono presided by Magistrate Ibrahim S. Yillah was overcrowded with residents of Kono where a coconut seller, Ishaka Sawaneh was explaining his ordeal and narrow escape in Jaiama Sewafe from alleged kidnappers.
Sahr Yarjah, Hindovai Matturie, Aiah Moriba, Sidikie Bayoh and Tamba Lebbie are facing four counts ranging from Conspiracy, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment and Threatening to Kill contrary to law.

According to the complainant, Ishaka Sawaneh, on the 23rd of August he was on his usual trade to buy coconuts to sell when he was approached by the second accused whom he had been dealing with for thirteen years who told him that he had a coconut farm somewhere in the bush in Jaiama Sewafe. But when he went there, he discovered that the place where the coconut seller directed him is a society bush.

According to him, he saw other people who started asking in Kono ‘ar neh kaa? ‘ meaning is it this? While others confirmed ‘ar nehh’ meaning yes. He was then given an ultimatum to either go for the coconuts or get killed where he was standing as nobody goes there and come out alive.

Luckily for him, he said he was able to use his mobile phone while being surrounded by the suspects and called his brother Sasco and told him that, he was under attack. He said Sasco and other people came to his rescue with a machete which led the people to run away.

He then returned to the second accused and explained to him how he escaped from the bush. In his response, the second accused told him that, that is the norm of that bush which made him to report the matter at the Mortema Police Station where a statement was obtained from him which led to the arrest and charge of the five suspects.

In an interview with the Prosecutor Sgt 9407 Kabia P he said most of the time they have been hearing about the Baboon attack and mysterious death but those matters have not been charged to court due to lack of suspects. He said most of the time such alleged ritual killings result to riotous conduct.

Three houses have reportedly been torched and schools and businesses closed all day in Jaiama Nimikor, Kono District. Movements into and out of the town have been restricted. It follows the disappearance of 19-year-old Mohamed Turay who went to sell palm oil in a nearby village almost two weeks ago and never returned. Some residents of the town told me that he’s a victim of ritual killing while others suspect cannibalism.

The search for his body, which is still to be found, led them to a farm around 5:00 am today where they allegedly met a man long suspected to be one of those behind this and previous disappearances.

Reports say a spot around the farm had an unusually massive swarm of flies. The suspect was beaten and taken to Jaiama where even armed police and soldiers found it difficult to control the youth who were livid that previous cases of disappearances had been compromised by the local authorities.

The suspect is now in police custody. The MP in the area, Musa Fofana who was able to pacify the young men, says locals have kept record of around 15 people who have disappeared in the chiefdom in recent years – either due to some mystery baboon or other means. Early this month, a coconut seller allegedly narrowly escaped capture by suspected cannibals.

The people of Kono are calling on the government to look into the mysterious killings in Kono to bring to justice whoever is behind such inhumane act.

The matter has been adjourned to 24th September.

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