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Six Bodyguards Of Erstwhile President Koroma Has Been Sacked From Sierra Leone Police

Head of Media of the Sierra Leone Police Force, Supt. Brima Kamara has intimated this medium that Six Police Officers(names withheld) who were Body Guards (BGs) to erstwhile President Ernest Bai Koroma have all been sacked recently from the Police Force also underscoring that after the March run-off Presidential election these Police Officers, who were no longer BGs, absented themselves from duty for twenty-one days without any tenable excuse.

He again furthered that there were pending issues for which the dismissed officers were wanted by the Force to clarify but failed to make themselves available for questioning which, he maintained, is tantamount to insubordination.

Family members say these unfortunate BGs are now left in the cold, unemployed at a time when the country is going through harsh economic times. “They have their families to take care of, rents to pay and other responsibilities but they are now economically impotent to do so,” they bemoaned adding that it is still not clear whether they will be paid benefits for the services they rendered while serving in the Force.

According to the same family source of the embittered former BGs they believe their dismissal has to do with providing protection for Ex-President Koroma furthering how their relatives were only carrying out their constitutional mandate of protecting life and properties for which they were trained as Police Officers. “They were only providing close protection for former President Koroma as independent Police Officers,” the confused families highlighted adding that their relatives were not politicians and should not be misconstrued as being so.

A Social Commentator commenting on the said issue maintained that if the former BGs did not do anything seriously wrong in contravention of what they were mandated to do while they served as BGs, as the family members are claiming, then there should have been no reason for them to be dismissed not even on the grounds of having provided close protection for Ex-President Koroma.

A Human Rights Activist averred that the Police Force has its own internal discipline mechanism and that should be enforced to the letter in order to make the institution more professional.

Presently the whereabouts of the dismissed officers is not known. The Police are looking out for them at the moment.

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