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Big Brother Salone: Mad Rush For Application Forms

As the clock continues to kick towards February 14, 2019 for the start of the Big Brother Housemates Salone 2019 Reality TV Show, hundreds of potential young men who believe they would emerge winner are daily flocking to buy forms at AYV Media Empire at Wesley Street and in other places around the country.

This is as result of two giants coming together, Africell and AYV Media Empire respectively to embark on the first-of-its-kind gender balanced TV reality show dubbed Big Brother Housemates Salone 2019.

Consequently, many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are expressing their desire to see the start of the show because it is the first ever in Sierra Leone. They appreciated and praised the efforts of the two sponsors namely Africell and AYV Media Empire.

The Big Brother Housemates Salone 2019 is the univalent of Big Sister but with a difference with ten males and ten females living in the Big Brother House for six weeks.

This gender mix has further created a lot of excitement among viewers and members of the public, who are constantly debating the coming event.

Naturally, Big Brother Housemates Salone promises to be awesome, fun-filled, interesting and punctuated by suspense and anxiety. The show is scheduled to kick off on St. Valentine’s Day (14th February 2019), when all 20 housemates will go into the house.

The rules remain the same as that of the Big Sister Salone 2018, which is, housemates will remain in the house depending on the number of votes they poll during their stay and evictions will take place every weekend. The show is scheduled to last for 6 weeks during which the housemates will be given several tasks to perform and for everyday they stay in the house, each housemate will earn Le100,000 which will be given to them whenever they are evicted from the house.

However, the winner this time around will not get the daily Le100,000 but will walk away with the Star Prize of Le100 million.

The Big Brother Salone 2019 participants will be housed in a luxurious house somewhere in Sierra Leone; its location was not made known for security reasons.

While in the house, the housemates will be incommunicado as they will be dispossessed of all communication gadgets and they are expected to interact with each other and will only have access to people that are invited into the house.

According to AYV’s CEO Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr., the objective of the show is to empower youths to show their talents. It is the passion of Ambassador Navo to see the development of young talents which prompted him to the establish the Media Empire which employs hundreds of young people across the country in different capacities with each given the opportunity to develop their skills and learn more.

To further enhance their capacity, the AYV has offices in the UK and USA and is planning on reaching Australia. This will further result in the exposure of many Sierra Leone youths to international standards of broadcasting.

Meanwhile, as the race continues to intensify each passing day, audition is slated to start in the first week of December 2018. Interested participants are encouraged to use their Africell Money to purchase their forms and enter the code which is in the Africell Money transaction to purchase the form.

How to Obtain, Fill Out & Submit your Big Brother Housemates Salone Application Form

1a. Go to AYV Media Empire or Africell offices across the country and secure a free application form.
1b. Go Online and browse the AYV Website – …the application form is available for download at the right hand corner of the Website

2. Carefully Read, Understand and fill out the form with verifiable details about yourself

3. The final question on the application form requires applicants to fill out an Africell Mobile Money Code.

This Africell Mobile Money Code will be sent to the Africell phone/sim you will use to pay the Le150,000 Application Fees.

To Pay the Application Fee use your Africell Sim Card (if you already have) or obtain a Free Africell Sim, recharge the Sim with at least Le150,000 Mobile Money and send that Le150,000 Africell Mobile Money to the number 088201020.

You will then receive an Application Code to complete the application form.

You are advised to use your personal Africell Sim to do the transaction

4. After completing the form, return or take it to any AYV or Africell offices across Sierra Leone. That’s it…

NOTE: To be eligible for the Big Brother Housemates Salone audition/television reality show, you must be a Sierra Leonean who has attained the age of 21 or above.

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