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Paul Kamara Makes Open Confession About APC, Says Party Has Never Practiced Democracy

The former Minister of Sport for the All People’s Congress (APC) government, Paul Kamara, and former publisher of For Di People newspaper, has said that the APC Party needs to change its strategies to come back into power in 2023.

The APC were narrowly defeated in the 2018 elections.

He made statements during the International Democracy Day and the launching of the National Reformation Movement All People’s Congress Report (NRM-APC) at the SLAJ office on Campbell Street in Freetown.

Kamara said the Party should move away from the old gimmicks, which they were practising in the 1970’s and 80’s.

“The Party should open up and be willing to accept new ideas and be tolerant to everyone.” He said the APC has never practised democracy, stressing that it is time to change from all of those old tricks.

He said the youth group and many other groups should be supported in the party as they are playing pivotal roles in the success of the Party.

The Party must create a level playing field for people that want to take up positions in the Party and not only favour a group of individuals over others. T

he former Minister said he will continue to support the youth and grassroots of the Party because those are the set of people that make things work. According to the Chair of NRM-APC, Sheridan Kamara, “We have been fighting for this since our days in the university and we will continue to fight for the Party.”

He averred even though he is a true son of the APC, he will not sit and keep quiet when things are going bad. He said the party made costly mistakes in the 2018 election … “such mistakes should never occur again in the history of the Party.”


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