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12-Yr Old Boy Found Dead On His Birthday At Victoria Park In Freetown

12-year old, Cidirick Macfoy, was found dead in a shallow pool at the Amusement Park on Rokel Street in downtown Freetown on Saturday 24th November 2018.

Police at the scene alleged that the boy drowned in the pool while swimming. The boy was reportedly at the Park alone waiting for his father who showed up 30 minutes later but could not find him.

After a frantic search by the father who visited the Eastern Police Station, Central Police, and the police post at the Amusement Park, the parents checked the Connaught Hospital Mortuary. The parents of the deceased said they repeatedly visited the morgue in their search for the boy. Mortuary officials told the parents that the boy’s body wasn’t there.

After the third visit, a mortuary worker indicated that there was a boy’s body in the mortuary. The Administrative Officer at the Connaught Hospital’s Mortuary, Augustine Charles said, the deceased was brought into the morgue on Saturday by Sergeant Jackson, of the Central Police Station in Freetown.

According to the mother of the deceased boy, June Macfoy, on Saturday morning, the deceased said he wanted to celebrate his 12th birthday at the Amusement Park, and wanted to be accompanied by his mother. Unfortunately, the mother had other commitments but James Macfoy, the boy’s father, obliged.

The father and son arranged to meet at the Park later. The young boy went to the Park alone. Before long, his father reached the park but could not find his son. Mr Macfoy alerted June Cole, the mother, that the boy was not at the Park. He waited at the park for the boy. The parents visited the Eastern Police Station.

They learned there was an incident at the Amusement Park earlier that morning. Both parents went back to the Park police post where a police officer had earlier on told them no case of drowning was reported. This time a police officer, ASP Victoria Sesay, said she was not on duty but she learned about the alleged drowning incident. She revealed that a young boy’s body has been taken to the mortuary. Both parents quickly went to the mortuary.

An official at the morgue revealed to them that the body was there and both parents identified the body and returned home. The mother, June Cole, said officials from the Park visited the home and told them that they have paid Le450,000 to the mortuary.

But, the mother said she is not satisfied about her son’s death. She urged other parents to stop taking their kids to the Park saying the Park is not safe for children. APS Sannoh, the Crime Officer at the Central Police Station, said some arrests have been made. “We are preparing documents for a post-mortem to be done in a very short course,“ ASP Sannoh revealed.

On Monday 26 November 2018, the Park was open for business as usual. Children were playing; staff were collecting money like any other day. Normal activities are on going.

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